Updated: 2016-02-08 10:55:35

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VIDEO: Obinim turns into snake

The Founder and Leader of the International Godsway Church, Bishop Daniel Obinim has claimed that he has the powers to turn into various animals including snake.


  • Bribery scandal hits CJ’s office

    A private legal practi­tioner, I.B. Akwantey has petitioned President John Dramani Mahama to re­move from office Justice Dennis Dominic Adjei of the Court of Appeal for al­legedly collecting money from judges of the lower bench for promotions and the opportunity to study abroad.

  • Pastor impregnates seven church members & two married women

    A randy man of God identified as Dukes (surname withheld) in Umunede, Delta State who has been accused of sleeping with his church members in the past two years, has allegedly impregnated seven of his single female church members and two married women.



How to ace the trickiest interview questions

If you are actively looking for work, you know the importance of adequately preparing for a job interview. These meetings, more than any other components of your search, are the events that will determine your success.

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Our elders say the toad does not run in broad